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  • How to Deal With Annoying Customers

    Tuesday, Mar 15, 2016

    From constant complainers to the high-strung soccer moms, HangShift has the top five MOST annoying customers at NJ restaurant jobs, that we all can relate to. But how do you deal with them and still make tips? Read More

  • Working a part time hostess job: what you wish your customers knew.

    2016 Internship Opportunity

    Sunday, Feb 28, 2016

    Join the HangShift marketing team for you Spring semester to learn more about digital marketing, networking, and how to implement successful campaigns. Restaurant experience is a plus! Read More

  • Holiday Survival Guide: NJ Restaurant Job Addition

    Saturday, Dec 26, 2015

    Do dreams of large party reservations, peppermint-rimmed martinis, and hectic holiday hours dance in your head? If so, we bet you’re holding down a restaurant job in NJ. Whether serving, bartending, or hosting, we’ve all been there… while our family looks forward to time off from work to spread the gift of Christmas cheer, we’re serving rapidly, with tables to clear! So how does one survive working the holiday season without losing their mind? We’re breaking out some of our best Holiday Survival dos and don’ts... Read More

  • Make Cash with NJ Restaurant Jobs

    Tips for Getting a Better Tip

    Tuesday, Oct 27, 2015

    When it comes to working restaurant jobs in NJ, you can't just expect a great tip - you have to earn it! End your shifts with a bigger stack of cash with the help of these essential tips. Read More

  • Working a part time hostess job: what you wish your customers knew.

    The World of Waiting: A Message From the Servers

    Monday, Sep 28, 2015

    Regardless of what position you have worked in the restaurant, we're sure there are a few lessons you would like to give your customers. Check out our top 5 and see if you can relate! Read More

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