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Learn How Local Restaurant Jobs in NJ Are Being Revolutionized

HangShift understands the high demands of the industry, that's why we are here to make things simpler. While we develop the best staffing site EVER, we do ask for your patience. Currently, HangShift is in BETA as we gather feedback from the most important element of HangShift- you! Please send us any feedback or suggestions you have so we can make HangShift the best that it can be. 

We’ve got you covered. 

Here's the jist- HangShift allows you to find and fill shifts within the New Jersey restaurant industry, as needed. No full time hiring, no lengthy interview process, just talented industry professionals who can fill your staffing needs.

With founders who have over 15 years of restaurant experience, identifying the need for HangShift was easy...

"Establishments need to fill shifts unexpectedly- it’s the nature of the business and people always want to find ways to make more money- that’s life. Finding a way to bring these two needs together is how HangShift was formed."

HangShift is not your typical staffing website

Let us paint a picture for you. Imagine being able to work at a restaurant when and where you want. No one setting your schedule or telling you what shifts you have to work. Nothing interfering with your busy social calendar. Pretty sweet! 

We didn’t forget about the establishments, either. Imagine a hostess, waiter, dishwasher or bartender quits or calls out sick at the last minute. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to fill those shifts with qualified talent in a matter of minutes, and without the commitment of hiring new employees?

With HangShift it’s simple, just post your open HangShift and talent comes to you. Read their reviews, yes we said reviews. Establishments get to review the talent for a change! Review their credentials and find a shift-seeker in your area with the exact skills you need. 

Sign up today, as an Establishment or ShiftSeeker or contact us today at 215.601.8781. Need more info before committing? No problem, check out our pricing options