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Love having a little extra spending cash on hand without the commitment of a full time job? We don't blame you! But how about your friends? Are they just as swamped, struggling to balance school, family,friends, and a full or part time job? It’s time to introduce them to the world of HangShift hiring! *hint hint* You'll be helping yourself out, too!


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Pick up one Hang Shift or pick up a hundred. Work at one restaurant, work at ten, we don’t care! If you’ve got food service skills stop hanging around and get to clicking!

Q: What is a ShiftSeeker?

A: Anyone with restaurant experience who wants to fill HangShifts. Bartenders, servers, hostesses, bussers, runners, baristas, cooks, dishwashers, catering help, the list goes on. Let's make it simple- if an establishment has a HangShift to fill, and you have the time and the skills, we put the two of you together to get that HangShift filled!

Currently Working in the Restaurant Industry?

If you currently work in the New Jersey restaurant industry but aren't getting the volume of shifts you need, use HangShift to find shifts on your days off. Whether the off-season has caused you to make less money than expected or you didn't get that Saturday night shift you were hoping for, use HangShift to find other establishments that need your skills now!

No Longer Working in the Restaurant Industry?

If you work in a 9-5 position but still want to make extra money on the weekends or at night, HangShift is for you. Find shifts that fit in YOUR schedule, not the other way around. Work as much or as little as needed to give yourself the peace of mind needed to stress less and enjoy more.

Learn more about our free and our premium plans for ShiftSeekers and sign up today. Have questions? Click here to contact us.