Find Qualified Talent for Your New Jersey Restaurant

Fill Part Time Staff in NJ with our Industry Professionals

Picture this- It's Friday night of your biggest holiday weekend. As a restaurant manager, ensuring you are properly staffed is one of the biggest challenges. Let’s face facts, being understaffed can lead to stressed out staffers, unhappy customers, bad online reviews and ultimately, lost revenue.

Now imagine it’s one of your busiest nights and your best bartender has an emergency and can't work! What you’ve got there is an open HangShift!

What do you do? Do you give the new bar back an immediate promotion? Do you ask the server who doesn't know the difference between a martini and a margarita? Do you work the shift yourself? None of the above my friend. HangShift is here to help!

Find qualified ShiftSeekers in your area quickly and save your stress for when your kids starts dating. Establishments with open Hang Shifts, start posting today before all the good talent is taken!

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